Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our Week In Cell Pics!

And some of last week :)
 Bbq at my mommy's house!! (Last Friday night)
 *24 Weeks! 6 months*Swimming! *Nail time!
 Sometimes we get carried away...
I love my little mini me :)
Last Saturday, i LITERALLY got kidnapped. Haha im kinda for real. My garage was open and my friends Nikki and Felicia busted in and told me we were going for a drive and would be back.. Next thing i know, im locking in a spooky car wash being forced to watch a final destination scene about a car wash death scene (dont worry she got saved in the movie, and we remained safe lol). THEN they took me 30 miles away from my home, curled my hair and got me all ready then MADE me go see Magic Mike!!!!
The best part is... im not even kidding. They kidnapped me. I was totally un-aware of their kidnapping plans. Although i DID know about girls night with Magic Mike and dinner :))) I LOVE ALL MY GIRLS!!
Words can not describe how amazing they are and how fun they are :)

 Fire #11 here in Utah! So sad... This one was huge
 This is what our air looks like... yuck! so smokey
On Tuesday night hubby asked me out on a date!!
He said its been a while and he missed our dates :)))
Im seriously still SO in love with this man STILL, after 6 years. It just keeps growing
  4th of July!!!
Utah finally got rain!!! Look how it cleaned our atmosphere! We DESPERATELY needed rain.
25 Weeks!!
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