Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gon' Fishin'...........

Last week (or was that 2 weeks ago?? Daang i suck at blogging lol) we took Braylee fishing for the fist time! Yes she is 3 years old and JUST went fishing haha. We just went to a couple ponds near by, nothing big.

 hahahaha.. Man i was swollen this day


 These fish were just flying out of the water! They were tiny little suckers but the kids loved it. All you had to do with throw the hook in and they'd attack it! Catch and release!
 The kids looking at the fish!

 We wanted to catch a gold fish but had no luck
Braylee had such a blast!
And i was a germ-a-phobe freak afterward!
Anyone else grossed out by fish?? Just me?? Thats ok :)

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