Monday, July 23, 2012


So if you missed my 4th of July post (Found HERE <--) i explained that id do a separate post about the water fight that broke out. Well along with the water fight there was a slip and slide! There really isnt a whole lot to say... so enjoy the photos! You dont want to miss this haha!

 Hey Casey.... no cheating! lol (racing to get to the end first)

 Serious business. Prepping for their race lol

 They dont cheat! haha! Jarome loosing his britches. 

 And the dry people get picked on... not a soul got to stay dry (except for the 2 pregos lol)

 If you cant beat em.. join em!

 Jarome trying to get Josh into the pool

 Like i said.. no one got to stay dry lol

 Then the kids went inside to get changed and watch a movie..
and the epic water fight BEGINS! 

 Fighting over the hose

 Fighting over the hose some more!
 Shannon was hiding... but Jarome found her haha

 pulled in the last dry victim who wasnt participating in the water fight lol
Poor Anna!!

Hahaha best 4th of July ever!!
We have some pretty fun friends :)
(All photos taken by ME :)

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