Sunday, July 1, 2012

Braylee's THIRD Birthday!

Im still in shock that my baby girl is THREE years old!
So on June 23rd, it was Braylee's birthday! I planned this cute little Dora/princess/mermaid party for her. All her favorite things currently mixed together! This day... was stressful to say the least.

Her party was at 4:00pm. As the day went by i kept getting more and more texts from people saying they weren't going to make it to her party. I was getting more and more discouraged. Flash backs of last year were flooding my mind (pretty much everyone missed Braylee's birthday last year except for a couple friends and a few family members). I had to finish Braylee's cake and make her cupcakes.. needless to say i just started getting overwhelmed.
I WANTED to be to my mom's house at 3:00pm (she lives 30 min away) to set up Braylee's party before people showed up. We didnt get out of the house till 3:30pm...[[STRESS]]! I told myself, thats ok, ill just be setting up as people get there and they can play in the water. Well on the drive there, we hit some traffic because of a cop. I told myself "no way will a cop pull me over for BARELY creeping past him". It was a construction zone (55mph) and the cop was going 65mph. I was going 2mph faster then him... AND THE PRICK PULLED ME OVER!!!! (Sorry but that really described him to a T). He was obviously power tripping that day and wanted to teach me a lesson. TWENTY minutes, a warning, and a bawling prego, and a laughing cop later (yes he laughed at me when i started crying)... we were back to heading to the party.

It was like 4:30 by the time we got there! Luckily it was mostly family waiting on me (they understand i struggle lol) and only a couple friends came and they understand too and was texting with me and purposely came late haha. SORRY EVERYONE! It must have been frustrating.
I got there and everyone pitched in to help. My two brothers and sister Yolanda helped me frost cupcakes, my sister Jessica got all the water stuff set up.. and everyone just pitched in. It really helped A LOT!

 Once everything was set up.. it all went way smooth and GREAT!
HUGE thank you to my friend Bailie who took pictures of the kids playing in the water while i set up! You did a great job my friend :) AH seriously i have the best people in my life!

 The cupcakes were a hit!

 I made Braylee a Tres Leches cake (Dora/mexican themes). It went perfect! And was delish!

haha i love my friends

 Swollen! (finger prints in my leg on the left pic)

 Jeff's sister representing the Cox fam!

 Oh my gosh.. look at Bray's face. She was a blast this year opening presents. She LOVED each and every one!

Pinata time!

 Jeff was giddy to bust it open for the kids
Presents from Nana. She LOVES them!

 How sweet :)
Bray loves her Nana (my mommy).

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who came and helped!
I know im pregnant and emotional but birthday's are so sentimental to me and it means so much when people can take time out of their busy summer schedule to come celebrate Bray's birthday. It warms my heart to know so many people care for her!

Mommy and Daddy love you so so so much!
Stay tuned for tomorrow's post when our HUGE scare happened!

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