Thursday, July 19, 2012

4th Of July???

YEP. I am posting about our 4th of July. Only like 3 weeks late. Whatev. But it was EPIC, how can i not post about it?

So we started off our day as usual going to the parade! It was HOT HOT HOT but the kids loved it.

 Bray and Rylee! Arent they so cute

  These two are trouble.. look at them google eyeing each other.
 A LITTLE excited over the Madagascar float lol

Bray loves her "uncle Jared" as she calls him lol

Afterward we went home to rest and cool off, take a little nap, i painted my fingernails, then it was off to Nikki and Jaromes for the REAL fun! WATER FIGHT!!! (there was a bbq some where in there too) lol.


I will do a separate post on the EPIC water fight the broke out :)
We ended the day with some fireworks of course!
Bray doesnt look like her daddy now does she? lol (very sarcastic)

This was my sign that we needed to go home.. haha!
SUCH a fun day!!

Stay tuned for the water fight/water slide pics!

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