Sunday, June 24, 2012

This Week In Cellular Device Photographs!

 Banana chocolate melt! Mmmm *22 Weeks!
 Swimming at the reservoir!
 Swimming at my sisters house for my nephews 4th birthday party!
 Princess Braylee/Belle. Gearing up for the princess festival
Heading to the princess festival: (Left photo) Horrible fire on the mountain. Smoke covering that side of the county... and thats what we were about to drive into lol.
 Enjoying the festival 
 *Ashes from the fire. *Home sweet home! Back into fresh air
 Kids playing on Friday night!
 What a good friend! Holding prego's swollen legs up! *Late night snacks
*Legs were so swollen this weekend! Must have been the busy schedule and stress and heat! *Happy birthday to Braylee (on saturday)
her new love is taking photos on my phone lol

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