Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Princesses Are Everywhere!!

Ok, lets begin our eventful crazy weekend posts! On Friday, June 22nd, a bunch of us girls took all of OUR girls to the princess festival! I figured i'd be a fun birthday thing for Braylee with her birthday being the following day. We got all dressed up in our princess dress and headed out!
 When getting on the freeway this is what i saw.
So sad. a mountain about 30 miles away in flames.. the smoke was covering that entire side of the county!
When we got to our destination i realized we were right were the fire was. Pretty sucky.

On to happier notes....
 All the princesses!
 Fairy dust in Bray's hair
 Face paints!

 Watching the princess parade

 Swollen legs... and Braylee saying "its so hot"
 Bay and Pres!
 Of course Braylee wanted to go climb "the spider" instead of watch princesses! lol

 Later we let them play in the water to cool off... it was so so hot.
 Got some lunch, then it was back to princess adventures!
 Here are the girls during tea time!
 The girls minus Preslie
 haha they wanted to see the troll until they got up close!

 Dancing with the princesses!!

I think the girls had a blast! Even though it was so super hot and smokey from the fires haha. They just got to run around all day acting like princesses and seeing princesses. There were parades/shows, mazes, get your hair done booths, face paint booths, all sorts of things! We all just want to act like princesses sometimes dont we?!

When we went home we drove back into fresh air and my little princess zonked out!

Tomorrow ill be doing my pregnancy update (HAVE to do them on Wednesdays!) and ill explain a little about our HUGE scare this weekend! So dont miss out on that!
Then Thursday ill talk about Braylee's birthday!
Friday is the restless hop!
Then Saturday ill do my detailed post about our huge scare...

If you follow my on twitter/instagram (ChristaCox3 for both)
you'll know a little of what im talking about!

Anyway thats the schedule for this week haha. Dont ask why im laying out my schedule.
I need sleep i guess lol.
Or maybe im just explaining my blogging OCD haha!

Night bloggers!!
Stay tuned!
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