Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our Last Couple Weeks In Phone Pics

 Thank HEAVENS that this pregnancy is NOTHING like my pregnancy with Braylee
 *18 weeks *Baby boy likes to stay on ONE side lol
*Scenic drives!
 *Need to get better at doing hair haha!
 *19 weeks
 *My STUNNING baby girl
*SOOOOO sick of seeing that dumb light!! lol *Keamyn showing me "his" boot haha
 *Just cleaning some walls :) *Keamyn and Braylee
 *Bahaha, i can make my belly button pop out when im laying down now lol. *Cheerios and bananas... best breakfast ever!

 LEFT: Before........* RIGHT: After!!! Now i just need to paint them black!
 Braylee loves to dress and pick out her own outfits! She does so well! Her outfits always match
 *My new baby nephew! *Rockstar status
A SUNRISE!! I dont think ive ever experienced one.. if i have it was when i was WAY young and dont remember it!

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