Monday, June 25, 2012

My Baby You'll Be....

We have had a crazy weekend to say the least. But im OCD about my blogging and gotta do it all in order.
So my baby girl turned THREE years old on June 23rd! So before i post about all of our adventures i just wanted to do more of a sentimental special post about my baby girl :)

Braylee was born June 23rd, 2009. At 7:40pm.
Weighing 5 pounds, 15 oz, 17.5 inches long :)
All the nurses called her peanut.. so ive always called her my peanut princess :)

From the moment Braylee was born we had this special bond.
Jeff's job is he drives truck for pepsi. You CAN NOT drive truck drowsy. So when Braylee came home from the hospital..i was pretty much on my own. Jeff couldnt get up at night to help me with her and BOY did Braylee sleep horribly! She was backwards with her nights and days, and VERY alert. I swear she never slept.

(4 Days old)
Then she had colic and acid reflux. Never latched on for breast feeding so i pumped and bottle fed her for 7 weeks till i got an infection and gave up. Needless to say.. Braylee was very high maintenance. And i was pretty much doing it on my own. (Jeff worked long days during the summer and had to go to bed early etc etc). It was a huge adjustment, but all Braylee's difficulties just made my love for her grow stronger!
Then when Braylee was 2 months old, Jeff and i split up.
Ive blogged about this before. We were just SOO financially stressed, Jeff was working 3 jobs, a new baby is hard enough, yada yada. We split.
I was already pretty much doing this newborn thing on my own, but not having Jeff around AT ALL was harder then i had ever expected. Thank heavens though for my older sister who let me live with her for 2 months and helped me out SO SO much with Braylee.
There was just something about this angel sent from above named Braylee.
She had this smile that just lit up your heart. She was the light for everything during my darkest, loneliest time. She was what kept me going. And our already strong bond grew even stronger.
 As you all know, Jeff and i had a happy ending. We got it all worked out and got ourselves the help we needed and our lives have never been happier. I dont just say that to make the bad stuff not look so bad. I say that cuz its true. Something just clicked and things have never been better!
The only way to explain Braylee is... she's Braylee. 
She's always just done her own thing, her own way, at her own pace. And it works! She is so full of life and personality. My littler fire cracker i call her (she's got a temper too). Tinkerbell as my mom explains her lol.
Braylee has always been so stinking gorgeous.
She looks JUST like her daddy.

Mommy and daddy love you so so much baby girl. 
More then you will ever know! You mean the world to us. 
Life wouldn't be the same without you!.

Happy birthday baby girl!
You'll always be my baby :)
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