Saturday, June 16, 2012

My 23rd Birthday {Boating&Cake}

If you missed part ONE, you can find it -->HERE

On my actual birthday (June 3rd) we went out on the lake with some friends to go boating! Jeff and I hadnt been in like FOUR years, and this was Braylee's first time! She had such a blast and was so giddy. Kept saying "Go faster!".

 I apologize....
If any of you know of good, cheap, maternity swim suits that can cover my out of control boobs, please point me in that direction!

 The other boat! We tied together and played in the water for a bit.

 Once we were all in the water... everyone sang happy birthday to me.... and splashed me.
haha love these guys!

 Oh my.... i pee my pants laughing at this pic!
The hatch twins are such a hoot.

Josh was relentless with these guys! But they held their own!

 Getting ready to leave!

THEN from there, we met up with my family for some cake!
 Haha, the niece helping blow out my candles. Spit was involved.
 TOO much for me to handle.

 My fav!

Bray meeting her new cousin!

I had a great B-day!
Thanks to all my friends and family!
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