Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend {Part 1}

Im  gonna try to keep my memorial day weekend post to only 2 parts. So today i will do part one, Thursday i will do part 2. Kapeesh? Excellent.

This year for Memorial Day weekend we got invited by our good friends Nikki and Jarome, to go to their cabin. The weather was supposed to be crappy but come on now, we arent the type of people to let a little weather spoil our fun :)

Late Friday afternoon we headed out past Strawberry Reservoir to head to the cabin! Jarome met us at  a certain point then we followed him to the cabin.. i didnt know we were going off roading to get to the cabin lol.

This was my first time at a cabin and i didnt really know what to expect. I got made fun of when i walked in my with shower bag full of shampoo, hair spray, and all that good stuff lol. As soon as we got there we got the tour and were introduced to Jarome's family. "Grandma and Grandpa" as we were instructed to call them, were so hospitable and welcoming! I instantly felt like family. Such amazing people.

The first night we ate our Hobo dinners. SO yummy! Those were the meals we prepared the night before. Basically its chicken and a bunch of veggies covered in italain seasoning wrapped in tin foil. Let in marinade over night and throw it on some hot coals when you're ready to eat them and ENJOY! So yumm!

 We took the kids out on Razor ride (Which they LOVED).

Night times always get a little crazy haha! This prego usually retired early 

Saturday we woke up, ate a DELISH breakfast, and later on went out for a fun ride in the trucks and razor

 most random thing ever. people were living in this bus. How it got there, we will never know!

Dinners are always amazing!! I think Saturday night we had a crock pot meal that grandma made. WOW. So yummy!

Saturday night this prego decided to hang out a little bit longer by the campfire! 
Its so relaxing to just be out in nature and hang around a campfire with good friends!

Guess which one is mine! lol

OK part 2 will be posted on THURSDAY!

Stay tuned tomorrow for my pregnancy update :)

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