Monday, June 18, 2012

LAST Week In Phone Pics!

Always a week behind i am... i cant keep up!
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 Yard selling and drinking lemonade!

 Chris Cagle concert. Its normal to wear 2 different shoes right? lol
 20 week belly! 
 Boating on my birthday!

 Was home 10 minutes to change and pick me up to go to our appt.... got booted for parking by OUR driveway.THANK you kind neighbor who called it in.. God bless your sweet soul. Maybe you can send us a check sense you just gave a $65 bill to the family who couldn't even afford groceries this week. Go you!
(yes im still bitter about that ordeal)
 20 Weeks!
 Holding down the Hatch hotel with Nikki and Jarome were at the hospital all night with their baby :( He is just fine now but it was indeed a scary night.

 The many faces of me :)
 Carnival time! Night #1

 Cutest babies ever!
 Parade time!

 Carnival night #2! Blackhawk concert!
(Braylee's first concert)

Ive been getting some comments about my "duck face" lol
 (nothing mean, except for one on my blog that was pretty rude) lol. 

Photo one: normal face. Photo two: mouth closed/lips together, not puckering at all.
Naturally, my fat lower lip pushes up my top lip. So the slightest "pucker" gets a little intense lol. Granted yes, i do make those faces a lot... but most of the "duck face" is involuntary lol.

Not like i even care what rude people think. I will make whatever faces i want to make as often as i want to make them! Cuz well, its MY blog. So neener neener!
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