Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!


Yesterday was my birthday. I am now 23 FREAKING years old! 
That just doesnt seem right. I still feel 18 haha.

 Although i LOVE birthdays... i hate when its MY birthday. Does that sound bad? I mean i like my birthday.. i just hate getting older. Im WAY too appreciative of the little things people do like just saying "Happy Birthday" and i get way too emotional of the day haha. The good and the bad.

Birthdays hold such a stigma. I think i wake expecting it to be this GRAND day and i get so upset when its not. Not saying that my birthday wasnt grand or hasnt ever been grand. What i mean is that when something goes wrong i automatically think "really? on my birthday of all days.." Do you see what im saying? haha.

I wake up expecting glitter and sparkles and pink fluffy farts. Ya know, breakfast in bed, i love you's all day from the husband. Back massages from Braylee, maybe a tiara or crown to wear all day. Haha before you think im some sort of spoiled rotten princess, its not like that AT ALL. So WHY do i feel this way on my birthday?! Do i need a doctor? ;)

[[I will do an actual post about my bday adventures 
with many pictures when i can find time]]

Anywho. This year was great! Even though i didnt plan things for my birthday, other people planned things and it made for a pretty freaking fun "birthday" weekend. 

It consisted of movies, country concerts, boating and cake :)

Im keeping this post short so i wont get into all the details. Ill save that for my actual birthday post. I just wanted to ramble about birthdays for a minute :)

Anywho.. stay tuned for the actual post.

This post turned out to be pretty pointless but i needed to take a break from editing pictures and clear my head for a minute :)
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