Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chris Cagle Concert {Bday Part 1}

So this concert wasnt FOR my birthday (everyone was already going to it) but WE (Jeff and i) went for my birthday, as a birthday present, so i say it was for my birthday :). This concert was pretty dang fun. Everyone just sat on some blankets on the hill side and had a great time!
 Me, Alisa, Nikki, and Casey.
Nikki had just got her wisdom teeth removed and STILL came for my birthday :) 
Look at her poor swollen cheeks.
Cute baby Kage

 Jarome (Keamyn's dad) stole Keamyn's hat.

Chris Cagle!
Calling in Security lol

Oh deary.... hahahha

 yes,  i have crazy friends lol

Such a fun night!
Gotta love summer :)

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