Friday, May 25, 2012

Want To Guest Post On My Blog??

I wont be running the hop today due to it being memorial weekend and that i was very busy yesterday and today and didnt send out my emails to my co-host.

BUT on that note, i want my co-host to get the best out of co-hosting the hop and with it being a holiday weekend.. not many will be at their computers to participate in the hop.

Any way.. i apologize. But thats why it isnt going up today. Will be back and running next week!

I hope everyone has an AMAZING holiday weekend!
I will be gone until Monday so you wont see any posts from me.
Unless i schedule some. Hmmmm.

If anyone wants to guest post... send me your post ASAP (like in the next hour) in html form, and ill get it scheduled! (basically make your post like you normally would, pics included, switch to html form, copy to code, and email me!) In the email, include any links to your blog and twitter and such :)

(Hobo dinners! Ready for camping at a cabin this weekend!)
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