Sunday, May 20, 2012

THIS Week In Phone Pics!

I figured i better bust out and do 2 posts today if i want to get caught up haha!
Its summer now and i take a lot more phone pics!
 i dont mean to brag or anything... but isnt she such a doll?! *Playing cars with Tayson
 She is hilarious 
 Laynie and Luke (Tayson's mom and brother) *Bray covering the water
 We love the splash pad!
Braylee does NOT like to be woke up. Just like her mom!
Oh THERE'S my sweet girl!
On our way to breakfast with my family!
 Kneaders with my family. Loves these girls
 Bray and Makaibree chowing down
 Hanging out at my mommy's afterward!
 I HATE FOLDING LAUNDRY! Hense the pile i let build haha. This happens a lot when i get swamped with photography :)
 Heading to dinner with some friends!
 We DEVOURED the Chinese food haha
 Me and Felicia after dinner *UM. I ATE SHRIMP FOR THE FIRST TIME!! i DO NOT eat sea food. Took me about 45 minutes but eventually i took a bite. Not bad. But cant say ill do it again haha. Sea food disturbs me.
 Afterward we wend to Trafalga (a mini golf and gaming place). We have passes for a water park and trafalga this summer so you will see a lot of those places!

 Go cart racing!
Hubby's new toy! KX 450 (had a 250 before) For those of you who are still lost... bigger bike with more power.... fml...... lol
 Bailie, Nikki, and Me... modeling Nikki's yard sell treasures haha
 Bahahahaha! I just LOVE these girls. There is never a dull moment. We MIGHT have been in the sun a little long haha.
Then we went and did a little yard selling. Nikki scored on the Mater tricycle (even had a tow rope in back)
 Popsicle break! *After our yard selling day, we all went to lunch! 
 Bray got a blue air head with her meal haha!
Hanging out at Hotel Hatch! (Nikki's house) Bray and the boys were enjoying some squeeze its!
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