Monday, May 21, 2012


For Jeff's 24th birthday.. which was on May 7th (yes this is how behind i am on blogging), I wanted to do something special for him. In 2008, my niece Audrina was born on Jeff's birthday. So they have been sharing birthdays ever sense. Jeff has NEVER been a big birthday person, but my family, we do it big haha. Sometimes our birthday last multiple days lol. So of course Jeff doesnt mind having princess birthday cakes and what not. I actually think its pretty cute!
But this year, i decided to throw together a very last minute, surprise birthday party for Jeff with our closest friends. (Family would be on the actual birthday). We were all out riding but the girls left early. It was on my drive home that i decided i would put this plan in place. I rushed to the store, got his favorite cake mix, and some ice cream. Sent out the text while scrambling through Walmart, rushed home, and made the cake.

 I was nervous his surprise birthday party would be a flop cuz it was so last minute (like 2 hours notice). I about cried when everyone replied with "we"ll be there!". I dont think they all know how much little things like this mean to me :)
 All the people we love most!

 Braylee got a little anxious

 Keamyn took his driving job very seriously!

 hahaha bug juice! Best present ever Jarome!

 Miss Hopelynn! Isnt she such a ham! Love her

Thank you to everyone!!
Seriously meant the world to us!
Jeff had a surprise in store of his own for me later that night (get your mind out of the gutter! ;) Normally Jeff goes to bed around 8 for work the next day, and i was bummed that he was working on his birthday. But he surprised me and told me he had his birthday off!
I will post more birthday stuff tomorrow!

Here are some riding pics from earlier that day :)

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