Saturday, May 5, 2012

Supercross 2012

If you arent aware of my love for dirt bikes of supercross... you must be new here on my blog :)

I got into supercross when i was like 12 or something.
My sister invited me to go to her boyfriend's (at the time, now hubby) motocross event.
and ive been hooked ever sense!

We have gone to supercross every year sense i was prego with Braylee in 2009.
So now i can say both of my kids have gone to Supercross while in the womb! lol

This year though, i will admit, was pretty LAAAME!
All of the top riders were out for injuries... thats what sucks about Supercross coming to Utah at the end of the season. Utah is always the second to last race of the season. But oh well, its supercross, we still had fun!
Nick Wey
 Trey Canard
Stewart's practice bike. Lame that he didnt come!
 Entertaining ourselves 
 Love my mini me!

i couldnt get a pic of the whole group. We took up like an entire row

 Gotta love Utah!

 She almost made it the entire night haha

Jeff faking to take a pic while intensely watching the race lol
Dungey for the win!
Mmmmm hot chocolate!

Cant wait till next year!
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