Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Splish Splash! {Water Photography}

I dont know what it is but i LOVE photographing water. Water in action to be specific. Like throw a rock in a still lake and photograph the splash.. i think its just so beautiful in so many ways. ANYWAYS! Back in the beginning of May........... (head hanging in shame of my blogging)..... we went to the local splash pad with some friends. Boy do the kids LOVE that splash pad.

 This is how Bray ALWAYS greets her daddy. Immediately yells "my dad!" and runs into his arms.
 Me and Felicia. Dont mind my prego nastiness lol

 How cute are these girls

 Then the rest of the crew arrived
 Um hi, have you ever seen boys any more gorgeous then the little Hatch midgets??
They NEED to be Gap kids models... No joke.
 Reggie and Keamyn went CRAZY!
 Boys will be boys. Round housing the water lol
 Those 3 are trouble haha.
The youngest Hatch midget, Mr Kage.


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