Sunday, May 13, 2012

LAST Week In Phone Pics!

I seriously suck at blogging lately. Ive been so super busy! So many fun exciting things! And my photography business has really picked up this month (Squeeeee!). Guys, life is good.
So here is last week in phone pics!

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 Good morning baby! (laying down, 15 weeks)
 (15 weeks) *No eye liner.. which is RARE

Blake *Rylee *Braylee
 Crazy friends :)

 First sunburn of the season!

 Ive been doing lots of prego exercise biking!
 My P.I.C (Partner In Crime)
 16 weeks (4 months) GROW BABY GROW!
 Fight night! Couldnt pick which shoes i wanted. so i wore both. 
Totally kidding.
 Fight night! Jarome the Hatchet! Woot woot woot

 Riding trip for hubbys birthday

 He got injured lol
 went to the zoo for Audrie's (my niece) and Jeff's birthday!

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