Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Today is my husband's birthday!
When i met Jeff he was 17 years old, and now he is 24! 
So crazy to think ive known him that long. Ive been by his side so see him change from boy to man!

Anyone who knows Jeff when he was younger, knows that he had A LOT of maturing to do :) We'll just put it that way. We had many rough spots in our relationship but for some reason.. always managed to keep it together one way or another. Then one day, everything just clicked! And we got hitched :)

Almost 2 years later, Braylee was born. Everyone knows that once you become a parent, you change. 
Your priorities change, you have different views of whats important in life.

Braylee was a HUGE adjustment, as with anyone's first child.
We were in a financial rough spot with my medical issues during pregnancy. Jeff was working 3 jobs, and Braylee was a REALLY hard newborn. But SOME HOW, we made it through a REALLY hard time in our life.. and out sprang this TOTALLY different man.
Im tearing up just thinking about it.

When Jeff became a father.. he became a better person, a better husband.
He already was an amazing person and husband, dont get me wrong. But Braylee really softened him. I guess that is the way to put it. He just GREW more in maturity.

And with our second kid on the way.. i see it happening even more!
(maybe we'll have 10 kids if he keeps getting more amazing! ;) WINK WINK, not happening lol)

Im sure this post sounds silly. Like really?? Your husband is still growing up??
But yea, when you meet the love of your life when he was 17.. of course he is still growing up!

Most (smart) people get married at age 25, when the maturing is done.
But i wouldnt have it any other way..
I got to witness and help the process :)
And ultimately i think that makes our love and bond EVEN MORE strong :)

So happy birthday Jeffrey Alton Cox!

You are the best thing to ever happen to me 
(aside from my kids, but i wouldnt have them without you!)
Another year older, another year wiser, another year better :)
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