Wednesday, May 16, 2012

GENDER REVEAL! Its a.............

I told you guys last week i'd reveal it late Wednesday or Thursday.
We actually got to get our ultrasound done early.. so if you follow my on instagram (@christacox3) and Twitter, you would have known a WEEK AGO!
I know im still getting it up pretty late :( Im SUPER swamped with photography stuff. I have so much blogging i need to catch up on! ANYWAY!
In case you missed out...
Well here you go! Watch the video to find out what baby is!
Better late then never!

ITS A BOY!!!!!

Baiden Alton Cox

When i told Braylee i was pregnant, i asked her if there was a brother or sister in my belly, she said baby BROTHER (find that post HERE <----). She NEVER said baby brother after i FIRST asked her. But that was her verdict. My sister also had a dream right before i announced i was pregnant, that SOMEONE in the family, was about to have a baby boy. I had a feeling i was pregnant with a boy because this pregnancy is SOOO different from when i was prego with Braylee. Ive only gained 6lbs so far (compared to 20 by now at this point in pregnancy with Braylee). My blood pressure has been good. I just had this feeling.
Also, a girl who is a mutual friend on FB (cousins to my good friend Bailie), is pregnant, and had a dream about ME that i was pregnant with a boy. Haha so random. But i told her its cuz she is pregnant and her baby is still connected to "the other side". And we all know about those crazy pregnant dreams!
My sister in law is actually pregnant with a baby boy too right now (after THREE girls) so i had a feeling the girl streak was broken on the Cox side of the family... and i was having a boy :)

We are BEYOND stoked! We were hoping for a boy so bad!
We only want 2 kids... and i REALLY wanted one of each.

I can NOT wait to meet you my little man!
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