Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Break Your Face..........

Back in December, we helped donate some things for Christmas that a local MMA fighter (Jarome Hatch) had put together. We went to his next fight to check it out, and it was awesome. Sense then we have became good friends with Jarome and his stunning FIANCE (Squeeee, so excited!) Nikki. So of course we went out to support his next fight on May 4th 2012

I think its safe to say that Jarome Hatch is a fan favorite.
He is a family man who puts his family first and STILL is an amazing MMA fighter.
 How cute is this?!
(All photos by Rob Norbutt)

The other guy.... Jarome broke his nose, cheek bone, and orbital bone.
Jarome didnt have a scratch.

All the other guy did was got take downs and just LAID on Jarome. Didnt even do much with it.
But SOME HOW it was a split decision and the 3rd judge said 29-28, the other guy.

How cute is the number one fan?!

Nikki is such a doll.

If you live in Utah, COME SUPPORT!!
Such a fun time.

Jarome's Facebook <--click
Jaromes Website <--- click
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