Monday, April 2, 2012

Pinterest DREAM Life...

Today lets talk about Pinterest. A place where we pin pictures that are linked to websites. Pictures like hair styles, photography ideas, fitness stuff, recipes, DIY project etc. We put them in albums tittled "DREAM HOME" "DREAM BODY" "MOTIVATION" "MUST HAVE" "MUST DO" "MUST MAKE" "ONE DAY.." "IN THE FUTURE" "THINGS I NEED".

Now, dont get me wrong here, i LOVE Pinterest and it can be VERY helpful when the pics are linked to sites showing you how to make something, or certain workouts etc. But i find Pinterest making me sad majority of the time. Not because its filled with dream homes, dream bodies, models with perfect hair and all that jazz (im just not that type of person), but because i see that Pinterest is a place that is full of unhappiness!
(all pics found on pinterest, feel free to pin them)

Now let me elaborate. We are taught that we should be great full for what we have. Appreciate what we have, instead of always LONGING for what we DON'T have. But not only that, these pins have tittles of "i want her face" "i want her butt" "i want her hair" "i want this house". Things that are so unrealistic. No matter how hard we work out, we all have our own body shape. I could NEVER bulk up my butt to the size i want it to be. Some girls naturally have flatter abs. Shorter and longer torsos play a HUGE effect in how our abs look and how easy it is to obtain abs. Sometimes, no matter what products we use etc, our hair WILL NOT GROW. Or its nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get it to be shiney and healthy. When some girls have shiney hair and dont even do anything!

My point is, we are always searching for what we dont have, and its sad. Can we ever be TRULY, fully, SATISFIED?

Yes its good to have goals. Yes its good to strive to be healthier. We dont magically end up where we want to be in life, we have to work hard for that job ect to make the money you want to make to live the life you want to live. So of course we strive to be better and have bigger better things.

Whats bad is when these things become un-realistic or over the top. 

We unintentionally are destroying our soul, depriving ourselves of our happiness.
Some people get CONSUMED with wanting to be someone that they are not. 
It becomes an obsession to want their face to be a different shape,
have bigger eyes, smaller nose, bigger lips, more cheek bone, perkier boobs, tighter toosh, more defined abs, more hip bone, smaller thighs.
How sad is it that we cant just be happy with who we are and what we have,
especially when we are all perfect in our own ways.

Girl #1 wants girl #2's boobs, when girl #2 is wanting girl #1's boobs.
They each have a different idea of what is perfect and arent satisfied with what they have.

Is it really realistic to cut into our bodies and PAY for these un-necessary changes.
Is it really realistic to be in a constant unsatisfaction with our bodies, lives, homes, etc.
So my challenge to you today, is to stop wanting what we DONT have,
and start loving what we DO have.
To strive to live in a state of satisfaction, instead of envy and greed.

Maybe even blog about everything you love about yourself and your life,
then leave a comment with a link to it so i can go read it! :)
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