Saturday, April 7, 2012

Our Week(s) In Celly Pics

Android has INSTAGRAM now!!!
ADD ME! (ChristaCox3)
Instagram pics: *OBSESSED *Everyone needs some greesy food once in a while ;) *11 weeks belly *my lifeline (water), pregnancy sucks the life out of you, and A LOT of water haha.
 *Bbq at Hotel Hatch, Bray was telling an intense story haha *Me
 *New Glasses. Legit
 Out to dinner with the King's. First time seeing Hopelynn sense December :) *Nikki's aftermath of a burger haha. Some things never change lol (find her blog -->HERE)
 Hope kept following Bray, it was so cute
 Playing at the resort
 Hope letting Braylee practice at dealing with a little one love tapping her :) *indoor surfing
11 week belly... it bulges even laying down now! GROW BABY GROW!
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