Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our Week In Phone Pics!

*Yep, snow :(  * "Girl get yo roots did!"
 *Berrrrrrt! Brap brap! (motorcycle sounds lol) *Love these girls! (Makaibree, the sweet girl i babysit during the weeks, and miss Braylee, my daughter)
 *Summer cant come any faster!
I actually had someone comment on my instagram and say "didnt you just have snow?"
haha yes... thats Utah weather for ya!
 Got my herrr fixed! Added a little more dark into it so i dont have to dye it as much during this pregnancy
 Woke up one day, looked out the window, and saw Braylee's favorite barbie outside, broken in half. Oh it was an emotional day i guess cuz i started crying haha. It had to have been an older kid and i was just sad about the disrespect for other's property :( And Braylee just stared out the window all day at it saying "my mowmaid broken mom..." in the saddest little voice. SOOOO, we went and bought her a new one haha. 2 disney barbies for $20! Way good deal.
 *Pregnancy cravings lol
*Pickles (not so much pregnancy, just LOVE them) *Root beer floats *Bananas on PB toast
 *Love rainy days! *12weeks 4 days belly
*Nikki starting her 1/4 sleeve! She thinks her eyes look creepy in that pic but i think they look awesome :)
*WE LOVE ROOT BEER FLOATS!! She makes me really happy :)

Non instagram pics!

 So Nikki's tattoo... HOLY funny/irritating story. Her artist drew it all up, put it on her, then the owner and the artist got in this argument her her artist was SENT HOME! He didnt say, finish this tat and go, he just told him to go! So Nik and i were like "really???? um.............." Long story short, we went to the next tattoo shop and this chick was SOO nice and squeezed nik in! Good think cuz she did AWESOME
(please note Nikki's slippers... haha she makes me smile)
*Prego lady *almost done! *and finished product!
So cute!

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