Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh, I Have A Life??..........

Sometimes i forget that i have a life and get out and do things. At least i forget to post about them :)

But on a for real note.. being a stay at home mom can leave you feeling like you have no life. My husband works so much that often times i feel like the only people i associate with are 2 year olds.
But ill be doing a special post about this so stay tuned.

So a couple weeks ago we went to the Living Planet Aquarium with my friend Bailie, her family, and her husbands parents. I had never been before so i was really excited. The Living Planet Aquarium is like a zoo.. but for water creatures and reptiles and bugs and things like that! It was a lot of fun!
(video at end of post)
 The penguins are my favorite!

 Touching sting rays

 ewwww. eels

 Bailie eats scorpions 

Penguin kisses for Bray!!
Jeff is such a good daddy, i just love and appreciate him.

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