Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Help Us Adopt"

Today i need your help :)
Guys, i would like to introduce to you my beautiful sister and her beautiful family that live here in Utah! 

Yolanda is my oldest sister who was raised in New Zealand! Awesome huh! She has the most beautiful accent, i am jealous of it. She has always been way outgoing and funny and just an awesome person to be around. She met her husband Dana who is from California. They have been married  for about 16 years now! Something like that. Pretty impressive now a days if you ask me.  They have always been fun and adventurous awesome couple that are fun to be around. They are very active and run marathons and all sorts of awesome things. They also remain very close to their Heavenly Father in the LDS church. Just true admirable people.
They were never able to have children of their own but through the amazing miracle of adoption, they were blessed with their son Landan in 2008. As a sibling to Yolanda i watched how Landan truly blessed and changed they're lives. I couldnt imagine life not having any siblings, and now they are looking to be blessed again with a second child
Find their adoption page --->HERE<----
And my sister's personal blog --->HERE<---

How can you guys help?
Basically you can help by helping me spread the word about this sweet family trying to adopt.
If you know anyone who is choosing adoption, let them know of this amazing family looking to adopt!
Facebook about it, tweet about it, Pin it, any means of networking :)

Here is a button you can grab that links to their adoption page :)

DuJardin Adoption

This button that will link you to pinterest..
Re-pinning would be AWESOME!
(just click on it and from there you can re-pin)

Thank you so much anyone who helps! Its TRULY TRULY appreciated
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