Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I have someone who likes to harass me lately here on the blog. Im pretty sure i know who it is.. but you can never be too positive. And sense they dont have the balls to comment who they are or EMAIL me... my only choice to address them in a blog post... so here we go.
With ALL due respect.. please go get a hobby.

If you dont follow my blog anymore, that is awesome, i dont want someone like you following my blog anyway. But WHY do you come back time after time to leave annoying comments?

You are right... i AM pregnant. And i AM emotional.
At this point in time i dont like the contention cuz i get over worked,
There is nothing i can do about that for the next 6 months.
That is WHY im not publishing your comments and not "in the mood for contention"
I have more important things to worry about then getting all worked up over your rudeness. 

And for the record.. i do have opinions, i do voice them, but that doesnt mean every time i post an opinionated blog post, you have to oppose it EVERY SINGLE TIME (anonymously of course).

And opposing opinions are more than welcome here on my blog. 
But when your opposing opinion is throwing low blows at me and judging my character in a UNTRUE way, i get upset, and THAT is why i dont post your comments and dont want "contention" 
That is the ONLY time i get upset.

The reason why im writing this post 
is to ask you to please just stop coming to my blog and being ignorant.

I enjoy blogging and all the wonderful people i have met through blogging, 
But you are making it this ugly thing and i really dont like that.
So PLEASE just stop.......

No one makes you come to my blog.
If you dont like what i do or say.. just stop coming here...
That simple.
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