Sunday, March 18, 2012

Snowy Days

Ive been in this fog lately.
A blur, a white out blizzard you might say. 
I cant find the will to blog. I have A TON i need to blog, i just, dont have anything to say i guess. My posts would more or less "photo dumps" with no words.

And thats really where im at in life.
I have no words.
I feel like im in this "transition" in life and i feel lost.

I wish i could elaborate more into that. But im not ready.
Maybe soon in the future.

Anyway. Braylee has been sick sense Wednesday. She gets croup SO easily and well, she got it. For like the 4th time in 2 years now. She has been running a fever but it never gets too high and i can always break it with medication. She's had a HORRIBLE cough. Her eyes are all watery and she's had a REALLY runny nose that remains clear. I've called her doc to see if i need to take her back in and they said this is croup running its 5-7 day course. Yesterday we tried allergy meds and today her eyes are better and her nose has slowed down the running. I think she has like 3 different factors running against her, BASICALLY, she has been miserable.
I feel so bad for her!

This is why im a FREAK and avoid sickness.
Cuz when Bray gets sick, its bad :(

We have been locked in the house sense Wednesday and the weather has been BEAUTIFUL. Its really depressing. Well today its snowing so i guess ill post pics from all our snow days before the summer weather came that we missed out on :(

We enjoyed a couple nice days,
those post will be coming soon..
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