Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our Week In Celly Pics..

Its normal to blog at 11:30 at night right?!
Of course! 

 Bray and baby Kaysen
 Me and Bray sipping hot chocolate after playing in the snow!
 Bray passed out. Mmmm panda. Jeff had his first "sympathy pregnancy craving", and i didnt even tell him what i was craving, yet it was exactly the same haha!
 Bray cookin in the kitchen with Keamyn. Trouble right there!
 Keamyn and bray again. Bray cooks like her mom and needed assistance haha. And baby Kage, my best friend for the night! He is such a cutie! 
 3 car seats in my car equals a 20 MINUTE loading time. Not even kidding. It was a difficult task but i handled it like a boss! *The girls out to breakfast!
 Bray's new swim suit, $5! *Me: i think i JUST might go into hibernation for the next 7 months. Just sayin. *You know me and my sun flare obsession
 My neighbors are SERIOUSLY the BEST!
Its like the magically know when im having a rough day/week.
 Bray's new kicks,(the white ones) i die! *Say goodbye to the 2T clothes! *Jeff tripping on my broom trick
Out to dinner at Outback Steak House for my mumsy bums birthday!
 Off to Heber! How can you not love Utah? *My sexy hubs on his just washed dirt bike haha
Braylee helping daddy wash his bike! *Jade helping Braylee

What a week!
(or 2)
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