Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mating Season?

March 23rd was a pretty rough day for me.
For a year ago, on March 23rd, was the day i lost my baby.
I just needed to get out that day. 
I think i was home for a total of 3 hours.

We set out for a picnic at the park and to feed the ducks with my friends Bailie and Nikki and all the kiddo. The plan didnt go as expected. Only a minor detour, 20 miles in the opposite direction :) Nikki and i set out for "mission save Bailie from the crack head who decided to go full throttle to the floor in reverse, AT A STOP SIGN!" Who does that?! 
All was well, Bay was just a little shaken up.

Then we were off back to the park :)

Miss Preslie

 Blake man

 Kage man
Haha Braylee getting kicked in the back, no big deal.
Keamyn was concerned. What a sweet heart

 Picnic time!
 Bailie in brown shirt. Nikki in blue (thats her rawr face haha)
 i was so excited for my lunchable pizza... its been forever sense i had one

 feeding the ducks

 Ok this was the funniest thing ever.
So there is this commotion in the water. When nikki starts getting a little upset..
"Oh my gosh that duck is like drowning the other ducks!! What is his deal?! Why is he doing that?!"
hahaha oh Nikki.

awww, whats the matter little dude?? lol
Nikki doing some breast feeding ;)

 Its normal.

Thank you ladies for the adventures and getting me out of the house!

Later that evening i went out to din din with the hubs and midget and then to a cute play with Jeff's family. It turned out to be a pretty decent day despite other upsetting circumstances.
Thank you all!
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