Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lets Make Out At The Park!

You should do so!
Find it ---> HERE <----

So last week, on Thursday, me and Braylee went to the park with some friends! This was Braylee's last day out in nice weather before she got really sick :(

 Bray and her best friend sense birth! Miss Preslie

 Then Nikki came to play with her kiddos Rylee, Keamyn, and baby Kage
 (who was sleeping in his carseat)

 Ok, THIS is where this post gets its tittle. ThESE kids.. Were ALL over each other, IN THE MIDDLE OF A CHILDRENS PARK! Touching each other... making out.. so disturbing.
{{please note the awkward third wheel lol}} 
This pic was phase one of "Mission make these kids feel stupid"

 Phase 2
Oh your embarrassed?? 
Well if making out in front of a bunch of 2 year olds isnt embarrassing enough im glad this worked haha 
Boy: "Oh, this isnt acceptable??" 
Nikki: "Um no... you're at a children's park. But im sure there are some gutters calling your name. fool."

This really happened folks.
I never did that when i was in high school/junior high. Whatever grade they were in.
What is wrong with this world now a days!

 Then we had to go in to rescue Keamyn and they ran off while we were distracted haha. Suckers.

Triplets. Cool shoes club

Oh it was good to get out!
We dont get out much. How sad is that?
I think Jeff is like the only adult i associate with in person for more than 5 minutes haha.


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