Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kony 2012

"For people to care, they have to know, for people to know, Kony's name has to be everywhere!"

this is a 30 minute video but you HAVE to watch it.
How can something SO horrible be happening, and no one knows??

DECADES, this has been going on.
This ONE man, torturing THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of CHILDREN and babies!

And nothing is being done?
Because why?

I had a little debate on my FB. Someone mentioned about how the US should only be protecting and worrying about US territory problems. And that these military people are dying and suffering for 3rd world countries that "dont matter".....................

And im sure MANY people would agree with that.
And i get it. I see where they are coming from, but as a blogger, i just need to voice my 2 cents :)

we dont choose where we are born. what if you were the people of Ugnada?? Wouldnt you want people fighting to help you. Just because they are a minority in a poor country we have to turn our head and let these poor children suffer like this??
Yes we live in a shi**y world, and it sucks to suffer and make sacrifices for the well being of others... but thats WHY this world is so horrible.. its become so selfish. 

I realize that there are SOOO many things going on in this world that are bad.. and it seems/IS unrealistic try to solve all the problems.. but what if we CAN?!
And this Kony thing is WAY up there on the scale of evil. These are poor defenseless children. 
Its really ok to turn our head and let this happen, REGARDLESS of whatever we our selves are going through??

its sad in both ways and it makes TOTAL sense looking at it both ways. We have gangs, rapes, murders, the economy sucks, the evil in this world is overwhelming and is NEVER going to be non existent. Everyone is going to be suffering everywhere. I get it. 
But turning my head just doesnt seem ok ya know?
i hate this world we live in.

We cant necessarily change the BAJILLION people doing bad things.. but this is ONE guy, for DECADES now, making THOUSANDS of CHILDREN, babies even, suffer. HOW can we turn our head to that??

 Its easy to say "oh ya, go fight, do whats right!" when your not the one going and fighting...
But no one is forced into the military are they?
and in the same aspect, we just cant let this happen to these kids..

So how bout we NOT turn our heads.
Its a new day and age. 
WE, the people, standing together, can make a big enough impact to be SEEN.

Do your part.


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