Thursday, March 29, 2012

Festival Of Colors {Utah 2012}

Hare Krishna Festival of Colors In Utah!

OH BOY! This is by far the funnest festival ever! Its a festival to celebrate spring and togetherness. There is a running joke here in utah cuz this is a Hindu festival, but there are probably like 10 Hindu's there. The rest are all Mormons haha!
This is the second year i have gone and its getting more and more popular. They do this festival for 2 days and i guess over 80,000 people went on the day we went. HOLY CRAP!

There were soooooo many people, it was insane. The environment, man you just have to be there but i took some video footage to give you a little taste :)
(turn off music at bottom)

So we get there and as we are walking in people are throwing colors (colored dust) at us haha. Which is what you do at this festival but we didnt even go in clean! haha
 Me and my Bailie bum
 that was my "REALLYYY" face to everyone throwing colors at us before we got in haha. 
Oh and the dude is Dylon, Bailie's hubby

 Many more people came by the time it was time to throw the colors
 The rest of the crew arrived! Nikki, Ashley, they're friend (sorry i dont remember the name, pregnancy i tell ya). Then bay and me :)
 Waiting to throw colors!
We were up on the temple this time which was super smart with how many people were there. Usually crowd surfing begins after the color throwing and my prego bum wanted nothing to do with that haha

 Take one.. Nikki sneezing...
 Take two! Success!

(me in the shades.. i got separated from the group)
Getting out was a JOKE!!!!
Thousands coming in, thousands going out, One tiny gate.

What an AMAZING AMAZING event! Sooo fun!
I dunno, i just love getting dirty i guess haha!

Here is a viral video from Youtube!
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