Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dear mom....

This was supposed to be a vlog about my mom..
But i think ive vlogged enough this week :)

Today is my mom's birthday.
So i figured id post about her today :)

First off, let me start off by saying i am a LUCKY, LUCKY, BLESSED girl! We dont always understand WHY we are given the life we have or the people in our life. But i sure lucked out when i got the mother that i have :)

My mom. Where do i even BEGIN with how wonderful she is? ALL of my good qualities come from my mom, and by golly i have a LOT of good qualites :)

EVERYTHING my mom does, (oh man im crying ALREADY!). Everything my mom does, has always been for her children. She is so self sacrificing. 

She is so hard working. She left her family and friends in Connecticut, came to Utah as a SINGLE mom of 2 kids, like 17 months apart, to do her schooling and become a nurse. What a strong woman she is. And she did it! She finished her schooling, met my dad, and had me and my two younger sibling. She has been a full time RN my whole life. But she ALWAYS made time for family. Church every Sunday, family dinners, swim lessons, she ALWAYS cooked with us and made goodies. Holidays were just PHENOMENAL with all the traditions she made! Family vacations, family pictures.. My mom made SO many good memories and family traditions. She held and taught us such good values. Set such an amazing example in being a good person. Seriously, EVERYTHING so did was for other people, her children.

Now that im a mother, i dont even know how she did it all. She is truly an amazing person. Once we become parents we tend to UNDERSTAND the power of a mothers love. And on the flip side, with all that love, understand all the worry and high expectations. Of wanting to see your children excel in life and make all the right choices. But we all know kids make their mistakes. And my mom always let us know she still loved us despite all of our stupid mistakes.

Even still, to this day, my mom is an amazing mom. She is there for all of her kids. She helps us all out. We all have children of our own now and she is an amazing "Nana" to them! 

A pic my mom put on FB..
"One of the benefits of having children is playing with the grandchildren. I took all my little "Belles" to watch Beauty and the Beast in 3D. We had popcorn, treats and sang all the songs out loud. I hope our neighbors didn't mind"

Even now that im a mom myself, i still need my mom :) I look up to her every single day and want to be just as great of a mom. Its some pretty big shoes to fill but i want my kids to have just as an amazing mom that i had :)

Thank you mom for raising me right and being such an amazing role model in my life. Through all life's struggles you stayed strong and kept it together and was an AMAZING mom to all of us.

I love you more than you will ever know!


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