Thursday, February 23, 2012

You May Be Wondering...

This post is going to be random.

"What happened to baby Hope?"
Ok, so FIRST of all, ive had some questions about the baby girl Hope that i babysit. As most of you have noticed, i dont post pics or talk about her any more on my blog. But like i said ive gotten a few questions so ill just answer you all via blog post. I never explained that i wouldnt be watching her anymore so i guess now i will haha.

So i used to babysit my good friend's baby named Hope sense she was like 4 weeks old. Im not going to get into detail or anything, there really isnt much to say, but i no longer babysit Hope because i was no longer needed to babysit her. Thats about it. I dont talk about it cuz it makes me sad, she was like a niece to me.

On to the next item of business.

I need to take a woosah for a bit. Connect with my inner zen. This pregnancy is taking a lot out of me. No i dont mean im taking another bloggy break, i just mean i need to settle down a bit. I need to take a passive view on life for the time being. Things now a days are just getting so crazy and it all makes me so sad. So im just gonna Stay in my own little bubble, keep to myself  i guess.

So basically, anything negative, i will not address it. Dont be offended if i ignore it, delete it, block it, dont publish it, all that jazz :)

And lastly, here are some random cute pics

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