Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our Week(s) In Cellular Device Photographs

One day ill do this post weekly instead of skipping weeks lol.
 Bray's new Toms (valentines day present) *We have the sweetest neighbors 
 Defining my biceps! *bloated and didnt know why (i was prego and didnt know it yet) *oo yea!
 Valentines Day
 Went out to dinner last week with my sister and my friend bailie! Then we took the kids on the merry go round
 She is obsessed with dress up!
 Baby Kaysen! Ill be babysitting him for about a month so dont be surprised if you see more pics of hims :)
 Celly pics prego announcement 
 (The first pic was actually February 4th, my bad). How is this even POSSIBLE?! My thyroid is still good, B/P good, Ive continued working out and have NOT gained ANY weight. Farther along? twins? bloated? Im assuming bloated but WOW haha. Either way, i like it cuz it reminds me im good and pregnant. Last pregnancy i was never bloated, never felt prego. We are going good :)

 Jeff looks homeless haha. He was hiding it from Bray *Planet and moon alignment :) crappy pic from my phone
 Last night we went to some MMA fights! So fun! We were supporting a local fighter. SUCH a fun night. Ill be doing a special post on this dont you fret. I had to vlog and blog it all haha.
Supporting Jarome Hatch (The Hatchet) Utah MMA fighter!
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