Saturday, February 11, 2012

Our Couple Weeks In My NEW Phone Pics!


Well needed break.
I apologize for my vlog post not going up and my hop going up so late.
But everything will be back to normal :)

It might be kinda slow cuz im still finishing up my last 3 Boudoir photography sessions.
I wish i could show them off! They all turned out AMAZING!
Holy crap did i get the worlds most BEAUTIFUL clients EVER!

Sense this is a celly pics post.. i thought i'd announce that i got a new phone!
LOVE it! Blackberry had the SUCKIEST apps, and it glitched all the time, took 15 min (literally, i timed it) to turn back on after i took the battery out. PHWEW! 
So glad to be done with it!
We are droid lovers now haha.

Ok. Lets get to this.
 *Merry go round
 *My loves
 *Me *Bray and her boyfriend Tayson *Braylee one of her best friends Makaibree
 Love these girls
 Bray had a rough 2 days lol. Got a toy thrown at her eye, tried to climb the gate and it fell (got a red mark on her hip, Then the next day had a collision with kaibree and got a bloody nose. Haha poor girl. She has too much energy
 Popcorn and movies with my best girl! *Husbands make life hard. The end.
 Bray's FIRST official hair cut! Yep. She is 2 years and 7 months old. haha!
 Mom's new doo! (added more brown). What? Its normal to stand on toilets to show your new hair. Isnt it? ;)
 Im an O.G. So what. :)
Bray and her other best friend Preslie!
Bray needed to get out of the house so we had a play date and jump on it (this place with a ton of trampolines and blow up play houses).

A phone post just isnt the same without it :)
*Right pic: im turned to the front more to show the toning :)!
haha. cant complain.
 Left pic shows the toning better at that angle .

Check back monday for my MOTIVATION MONDAYS serious where i will disclose my stats!
Thanks for all the guesses!

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