Monday, February 27, 2012

Motivation Mondays! {Pregnancy&Fitness}

Today im doing a little pregnancy talk, showing the belly, and MOST importantly,
talk about happiness DURING weight loss!
And the importance your emotions play in life in general, but mostly fitness.

Here is the video i was talking about.
And here is the comparison picture i said i would post
How is this even POSSIBLE?! My thyroid is still good, B/P good, Ive continued working out and have NOT gained ANY weight. Farther along? twins? bloated? Im assuming bloated but WOW haha. Either way, i like it cuz it reminds me im good and pregnant. Last pregnancy i was never bloated, never felt prego. We are going good :)

Look at them babies!
Im continuing to work out. Ive talked to my doctor and she said i can continue doing what i was doing as long as i feel comfortable. So im doing Jillian Micheals "ripped in 30" still, but i only do it about 4 days a week now instead of 6 days a week. Im still wanting to take it easy for now, but stay healthy.

Health and fitness is so important!
Even during pregnancy.

Join me every monday if you need some motivation :)

Vote daily if you will :)
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