Monday, February 6, 2012

Motivation Mondays! {GUESS MY WEIGHT!}

Today we are going to play a game :)

I have never disclosed my weight or measurements because i was going to have everyone guess!
Ill tell you why next week where i will also disclose my weight and jean size!

So watch the vid and ill give you info to help you guess
as well as my regular body check in.

Body still shots..
Last weeks pic

So comment on this post with your guesses!
(or email, fb, twitter, text, whatever works)
Feel free to comment anonymously if you are worried you might hurt my feelings.
Which you WONT.
Im not sensitive about my weight.
i wouldnt be doing this if i was.

Im 5'7, down 13 pounds, 2 inch in waist, and 3 inch in belly.

I will disclose my weight and such in next week's vid!!
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