Tuesday, February 21, 2012

FULL TIME Mom??....

First off, i want to start off with a HUGE props to you!
I dont know HOW you mommies manage it.
This post is not anything negative for full time moms in ANY way shape or form
This is just MY experience with it.

I am a work at home mom doing photography and babysitting 2 little girls and now a baby boy for a short time. But before that i worked at a care center for elderly and disabled people. Ive worked full time before but once i had Braylee, i only worked part time. And 10 months ago, i transitions to stay at home/work at home mom.

My photography business is still new. My first official session was in march. 
Of course things start off slow. I had busy times, but mostly slow.

This month i had my BUSIEST time. I was doing Boudoir sessions and they turned out to be a HUGE hit.
I did 11 Boudoir sessions, a newborn shoot, a birthday shoot, and a shoot with a local college cheer squad, in 4 weeks. Thats 28 days (hang with me here, ill explain why im breaking it down). 

Now a photography session, working part time, takes me about 4 days to edit. 
Now the boudoir sessions had to be done by Valentines day. So lets look only at the Boudoir shoots.
Take 11 sessions, times that by 4, you get 44. 
So i had to makes a 44 day editing time frame, into a 28 day time frame.

(needless to say).
{{ To see all the photos from this session, go -->HERE}}

Now lets get to WHY im writting this post.

Let me start off with i LOVE LOVE LOVE my job! Seriously, i am a lucky lucky girl! But one thing i realized working so much was that being a full time mom is NOT my thing.

I wasnt being a good mom or wife.
The house was always a mess, it was SO hard to get a work out in. I didnt have time to play with my daughter. I was wasting so much time taking a MILLION breaks on editing to take CARE of my kid and tendees, that there was no way i could fit play time in. My husband made dinner majority of the nights. Thank GOODNESS i have such an amazing man in my life. He never complained during all this time, was so understanding, and picked up where i was MAJORLY slacking.

Granted, i wasnt just working full time. I was working OVER TIME. Day in, day out, weekends, all that jazz. I didnt have a social life at all.

But i HATED feeling like a bad wife and mom.
Its just not my thing.

Now like i said. This post in not meant to be negative in any way. Props to you moms who can handle juggling it all and make it work. I just wasnt up to par! AT ALL.

Life has presumed back to its normalcy (well for the most part, this pregnancy has taken ALL my energy lol). But i finally have time to clean daily, make dinner, play with my daughter all day, have actual structure with my babysitting kids instead of just letting them watch TV all day. I have time to just sit and cuddle with my man, rub his back after his long day at work, IM A WIFE AGAIN!!

Ill stick to part time when i have actual photography work :)
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