Saturday, February 18, 2012

Braylee Has Something To Tell You.........

I contemplated on announcing this so soon, but i decided im NOT going to have any bad thoughts this pregnancy. ONLY positive thoughts! Besides ill have to explain why my motivation monday weight loss/Watch me shrink vids will no longer be watch me shrink haha.

So its been almost a year that i had my miscarriage...
(find post ---> here )

The last time i found out i was pregnant, the test was VERY faint. I didnt feel pregnant at all. The test was the only thing that was telling me i was pregnant.

This time, i knew i was prego before i even took the test! My boobs were sore, ive been getting nauseated, my lower abs area has been feeling weird. Kinda tight and queezy, like butterflies almost (no its not the baby moving lol). But what REALLY let me know was my blood pressure has been higher. I climb stairs and my pulse in my neck is SO intense. (i REALLY hope i dont have blood pressure problems again). And in my last 2 vlogs, my face looked fuller haha. Im serious!

Im feeling good about this pregnancy. My thyroid has been under control sense November (that why we were waiting to get prego). I have my negative blood type but i found a NORMAL doctor who gives the Rhogam shot if i start bleeding (my old doc WOULD NOT give me the shot before 20 weeks). 

I feel really safe and comforted about this pregnancy.
ALSO, it usually takes us a good 3+ months to get prego once we start trying, this time we got prego on our first try! Im feeling REALLY good :)

So i dont go to my doctor till 10 weeks but according to my last period, im 5 weeks, and the estimated due date is OCT 21ST, 2012

Whats crazy, is my last due date was October 2oth 2011.

We couldnt be more excited.
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