Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sponsor In February! {Changes}

First off.
I was on FB today and this feed from Jess's blog stuck out to me about not working for free and knowing your worth. Read about it HERE

I am making some changes about sponsoring...
February will be the last month that i swap ad space.
And it will only be with the people i have already told that i would swap with.

Hear me out.

The point of sponsoring is to GET something out of it. You scratch my back i scratch yours type thing.
I work hard to make my blog fun and interesting and to keep my hits coming in.
And my blog is growing rapidly.

AS Of  January 24th 2012
  • We had 19,731 page views last month and keep growing!
  • About 400-1000 page views daily (slower on weekends)
  • 481 followers via Google friend connect
  • 608 friends on my facebook (which gets feeds from my blog)
  • 48 networked blog followers
  • 104 fans on my Young&Restless FB fan page
  • 62 fans on my new Personal/Fitness/Youtube FB fan page
  • 354 TWITTER followers
    1-24-12 @ 3:18PM

    I hope this doesnt make me look bad but you gotta realize i want to move forward with my blog. 
    I work VERY hard at and post often. I put myself out on a limb and am VERY open and honest and i pride myself if being a REAL, RAW blogger.

    But im also not stingy. I will still offer free ad spots now and then.
    I will swap with blogs near the same stats as me (i know that sounds bad but it just makes sense).
    It would be the same as me paying you and you paying me.

    So if you'd like to sponsor in the future here are the CHEAP prices :)
    I work very hard for my sponsors :)

    Large Ad Space: $10
     I have 3 spots available. With this spot you will get a special post for ultimate exposure! You will be at the top of my sponsor list located in the top right corner of my blog! 

    Medium Ad Space: $8
    I have 3 spots available. With this spot you will be included in a post along with the small ad space. You will be just under the large ad space spots in my sponsor list :)

    Small Ad Space: $5
    Im not limiting the spot availability at this point in time. With this spot you will be included in a post along with the medium ad space. You will be just under the medium ad space spots in my sponsor list

    All money transfers will be done safely and securely through paypal! Money must be received before you ad space will go up.

    I hope you all understand and see where im coming from about moving forward with my blog.
    I LOVE and APPRECIATE all my readers.
    I love all your sweet comments. It seriously makes my day.
    I dont know what id do without this blogger community as silly as that sounds.

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