Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Years 2012

I figure its about time i get my New Years adventure post up before its 2013. For New Years Eve Jeff's family, as well as on old friend of ours, came over for pizza and games. It was so nice to be able to hang out with family for New Years and be able to lay Braylee down for bed. We woke her up of course for the ball drop and her new years kiss but we didnt have to deal with all the ornery in between haha.


So ball drop time was approaching and we woke Bray up..
She has a hard time waking up... guess we didnt give her enough time hahaha

 Jeff hugging his sister Kim... this is a rare occurrence  
 Mr Jake and I!

haha i was sad cuz jeff gave me a delayed new years kiss haha!
and then Jeff's sister kim and her hubby's new years kiss.

As 2011 has come to an end and 2012 is in full swing, 
we are left with reminiscing and dreaming of future plans.
Whether these memories and current conditions are good or bad,
we need to embrace it all.
Find the positive in the negative and always strive for better.
Make the changes that need to be made.

Hope you all had an awesome New Years!

Cheers to New beginnings! 
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