Monday, January 16, 2012

Motivation Mondays {Week 7 Shrinkage}

AHHHHHHHH guys i am SOOOO done with this plateau! 3 weeks now! Ruled out my thyroid being the cause, and MOST LIKELY ruled out pregnancy. Had blood work done and it was negative. So im either not prego or it was still too soon to tell. I have been having so many prego symptoms though its frustrating.

Ive slowed down on the insanity and am trying other things to try to break my plateau but nothing is working. WAAAA! Anywho... sorry
this is MOTIVATION mondays, knock it off Christa!

Lets get to this :)

This is ONLY a 5 pound difference.
DONT get discouraged about small weight loss. Focus on how you FEEL, how your clothes FIT. Measure your inches. TAKE PICTURES! I havent lost inches but i can SEE the difference. Im toning more. I can see all the changes and i think that is what makes this plateau worth fighting through :)

This week i am talking about LITTLE TIPS for not so active people or people who DESPISE working out

Here they are:
  • MAKE reasons to use the stairs: Whe you are out and about, take the stairs rather than the elevator. When you are home, PURPOSELY leave things upstairs so that you have to go up those dang stairs more often!
  • Tip Toe it out! When you are brushing your teeth, stand on your tippy toes. Work those  sexy calves! When making a sandwhich, tip toe it out! You get the point.
  • Lunge to your destination! A friend of mine told me about how when she used to work grave yards she had like NO time to work out cuz she was sleeping and taking care of you kids during the day, then worked at night. So at work she would walk around doing lunges. Helped keep her awake and also kept her legs and abs working hard! :). So anytime you walk across the room for something, do some lunges!
  • Do some sit ups and push ups before bed! Make it a habit, you'll see a difference for sure.
Diet tips!
  • Buy WHEAT bread instead of WHITE: White bread is SOOOO bad for you! And wheat bread really isnt bad. I actually prefer wheat bread and only give my daughter wheat bread. If you dont like the taste, you will adapt, trust me.
  • Use SEA salt instead of regular: Sea salt is so much better for you!
  • Use MARGARINE instead of real BUTTER: Ive never liked real butter. I feel like im eating straight up LARD. ew. "I cant believe its not butter" even has a light version.
  • Drink WATER instead of JUICE or soda! Soda is nothing but EMPTY calories that do NOTHING for you. Even juice isnt that great. Eat an actual apple instead of apple juice. Juice is full of preservatives and extra sugars and chemicals. Even if it says 100% juice. Look at the label. Does it EVER say "Ingredients: Water & apples." No.. there is a lot of extra JUNK!
Well i think you get the point.
These SMALL changes make a HUGE difference.

Now for my shrink video haha. 

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