Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011 {Better Late Than Never}

I know im a sucky blogger sometimes.
I guess its showing cuz even though my page views are BOOMING more than EVER, 
i get like NO comments!
I feel like im talking to myself here :(

Oh well.

So this year, as tradition, we slept over at my mommy's casa Christmas eve!
We had made cookies and fudge a couple days before, then in Christmas eve the fam was slaving away over making pies and all that yummy stuff!

 I SOO made that orange cream fudge :)!

Santa came to visit Christmas eve :)

 Santa came!

Christmas morning blur :)


3 youngest girls... this is just their personalities to a T!

We got all ready to go to church (round 1) with Jeff's mom.
Then afterward we went over there for the gift exchange with the kids :)

Had lunch,
then went to church with my mom!
We are good kids, i know ;)

after church we went back to my mommy's!
Braylee napped while Jeff and i watched a movie with my mom and younger siblings!

Had dinner, then did the gift exchange with my fam!

We are definitely spoiled and loved by our families!
This year was SOO amazing!
I cant believe another year has gone by but im so excited to see what 2012 brings :) 

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