Sunday, January 29, 2012

Celly [Pics]


Ive been taking and editing pics like a MAD women doing FUN valentines day pics!!

But im gonna take a quick sec to throw up some celly pics :)

 Me and my midget at the gym * &Me at the store lol
 Myspace pic lol * STOKED for supercross in April! *Oh just one of my MANY body shots
 Braylee and Tayson busted holding hands watching a movie lol * Bray at Preslie's house
 We have a little too much fun in the little girl's jewelry store haha
 Oh and we have too much fun in adult stores too haha. Oh wait....
Not that kind of adult store haha!
 My sister Becky's bday
Date nigh. BEST SALAD EVER! * Oldest sister Yolanda's bday dinner
Grow babies grow! haha

Make sure you check back tomorrow for MOTIVATION MONDAYS!!
Where i check in on my weight loss and throw in some motivation!

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