Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bike Rides In January?? Fabulous

This post is just our latest random happenings. Its been SOO warm! And from what i read, its been pretty warm through-out the US when normally its a bit colder! So we have been taking advantage of it. As you've probably noticed, i've taken up a more healthy, active, lifestyle. The awesome thing is that my husband has jumped on the band wagon too! I just love him. I dont even ask him to. He always comes to me, "i watched your video, and last night i did some push ups and sit ups before bed", or "i read your blog post and i drank diet soda instead of regular today". Haha he is so funny. Well he has been all gung ho on being more active too and has been wanting to go on bike rides and go running and on walks etc.

And some pics from a play date

 haha poor baby boys that come to my house and have blow outs and need extra clothes lol

 Bye Tayson!

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