Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jalynn: DIY Snowman Wreath!

Hi everyone!! I am Jalynn from the The Red Closet Diary.

 I am really excited to be guest posting today! I have been in a huge decorating kick lately and I figured it would be perfect to make something for Christmas. 

I searched and searched for the decoration I wanted to do. I am going to show you how to make a snowman wreath. 

The great thing about this project is it's not pricey for supplies and it literally takes five minutes to put it together!! 

What you need:

3 wreaths. The wreaths need to be different sizes to create the snowman look. I got my smallest wreath at Dollar Tree and my two bigger wreaths at Michaels Craft. The smallest wreath is 15 inches. The second one is 18 inches and the last one is 24 inches. 

Next you will need ties. You can probably use just about anything to attach the wreaths together but I found the ties to be the best.

Last, you will need accessories. You can put any kind of gloves or scarves or hats that you want!! 

This is how my snowman wreath turned out:

This was a fun project and like most, you can make it your own or personalize it and add something a little different!! I will be doing more great DIY's for the holidays and clothing DIY's, so stop by and check them out at

Happy Holidays!
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